Meet the Current Committee Members

Working alongside your peers across the nation is easy, fun and rewarding! CICPAC committees are designed to help network you and your firm’s construction professionals with our resources across the nation. There are many opportunities to jump into a project, lead a sub-committee or even lead a committee.


Oversees and executes conferences, webinars, conference calls and manages the member resource center (a member’s only online resource for sharing files).

  • Chris IannuzziIannuzzi Manetta (Troy, MI) – Chair
  • Bob Biehl, GBQ Partners
  • Jackie Daenen, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Warren Hennagin, Marcum
  • Mike Karlins, CalvettiFerguson
  • Carl Oliveri, Grassi & Co.
  • Joe Schneid, Aldrich Advisors
  • Kent Thomas, KatzAbosch

Provides an avenue to provide CICPAC with continuity as our mature members pass the baton to the younger generation.

  • Wes Winborne, HORNE LLP (Jackson, MS) – Chair
  • Andy Boyles, Yount, Hyde and Barbour
  • Scott Contreras, CalvettiFerguson
  • Nate Hagge, Lutz
  • Dan Holthaus, Barnes Dennig
  • Brannin Leglue, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Christopher Mast, GBQ Partners
  • Tiffani McClain, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Joseph Molloy, Grassi & Co.
  • Amanda Montgomery, Gollob Morgan Peddy
  • Carl Oliveri, Grassi & Co.
  • Rafael Rodriguez, EFA CPA
  • Ryan Rummel, RSM
  • Aaron Rupper, Grassi & Co.
  • Anneka Sciola, CalvettiFerguson
  • Heather Sellers, Gollob Morgan Peddy
  • Webb Shephard, James Moore
  • Matthew Smith, Yount, Hyde and Barbour
  • Benjamin Sumner, Dannible & McKee
  • Scott Warren, Warren Averett
  • Daniel Williams, LaPorte

Solicits new members (by geographic location), evaluates applicants for membership and approves new members to the association.

  • Brad GrossLane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC (Dallas, TX) – Chair
  • Bob Biehl, GBQ Partners
  • Jackie Daenen, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Joe Damiano, Sax LLP
  • Jim Phillips, Phillips & Associates
  • Linda Roberts, BerryDunn

The newest committee focused on staying abreast and providing members with insights on construction industry technology.

Facilitates and executes thought leadership among members and promotes to the construction industry.

  • Carl OliveriGrassi & Co. (Long Island, NY) – Chair
  • Bryan Eto, Beach Fleischman (Tuscon, AZ) – Vice Chair
  • Emilio Alvarez, EFA CPA
  • Natalie Anzzolin, Thompson Greenspon
  • John Armour, Armour Consulting
  • Denise Bendele, RSM US LLP
  • Bob Biehl, GBQ Partners
  • Josh Billiard, Plante Moran
  • Christina Chifici, LaPorte
  • Brian Coller, BerganKDV
  • Gray Coyner, Thompson Greenspon
  • Matt Ferrell, HORNE LLP
  • Ken Gardiner, Dannible & McKee
  • Eric Goodman, Barnes Dennig & Co.
  • Mark Guillaume, Kreischer Miller
  • Jason Patras, Cohn Reznick
  • Eric Scholtes, Iannuzzi Manetta
  • Anneka Sciola, CalvettiFerguson
  • Claudia Wolter, KatzAbosch
  • Bucky White, Thompson Greenspon
  • Julian Xavier, Clifton Larson Allen

Facilitates and executes thought leadership among members and promotes to the construction industry.

  • Jackie DaenenDaenen Henderson (Alexandria, LA) – Chair
  • Sara Andzeiczak, Iannuzzi Manetta
  • Kristin Bailey, KatzAbosch
  • Scott Bechtel, GBQ Partners
  • Cody Daniels, Mowery & Schoenfeld
  • Tracie Dupuy, HORNE LLP
  • Eric Fletcher, Thompson Greenspon
  • Kevin Golden, James Moore
  • Chris Iannuzzi, Iannuzzi Manetta
  • Kyle Kmiec, CalvettiFerguson
  • Chase Lister, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Ben Lyon, Katz, Sapper & Miller
  • Joseph Molloy, Grassi & Co.
  • Tricia Neale, Thompson Greenspon
  • Matt Neely, MCM
  • Dan Shepherd, LUTZ
  • Joseph Summers, HORNE LLP

Building lasting relationships is what we are about.

Join a committee today and grow your network nationally. Questions? Just ask!