Founded in 1989

CICPAC recently celebrated their 27th year anniversary with a 25th Anniversary – Annual Conference, and we are happy to have experienced significant growth throughout the years. What began as a collaboration among six firms has since blossomed into a full-fledged, nation-wide community with over 70+ member firms.

In the beginning, CICPAC served as a marketing co-op for CPA firms. Working with newsletter publisher Pencor, which later merged into PDI Global, our role was to provide newsletters to CPA firms with a concentration in the construction industry.


The shift from a newsletter production partner to an association for construction-focused CPA firms happened! Member firms began to meet and share their extensive knowledge of the industry and develop ways to grow the association. While we still partner with PDI to offer newsletters, a service the majority of our members utilize, that is no longer our primary objective. We serve the needs of the construction companies in our client rosters and the service professionals in our community.


Today, we offer exclusive members extensive networking opportunities, educational trainings, and the opportunity to meet and greet other professionals serving the construction industry. Essentially, CICPAC is a resource that helps CPA firms gain (or keep) a strong presence within their local communities so they can find success in their field, while expanding their knowledge and depth of the industry.

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