CICPAC members are CPA firms that have a expertise in serving the needs of construction companies and their providers. is your firm interested in a CICPAC membership? Our territory-exclusive membership includes the following components.

    • List Serve – Ask questions, share information, and get to know fellow members through regular list serve emails.
    • Regional Conference Calls – Find out what’s going on with the construction industry in your region, along with new resources and tips to help you grow your business.
    • Annual ConferenceEach year, our members are invited to attend an in-person CICPAC conference, where they will gain networking opportunities along with an education in a wide variety of topics. Some examples of past topics include coping with economic issues, perfecting your service offerings, and learning new marketing techniques.
    • WebinarsOn a monthly basis, we strive to bring our members on the latest topics or legislation affecting the construction industry. See a complete list here.


Contact our Executive Director now to find out if you are eligible for a CICPAC membership.

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