As a CICPAC member, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Access to Our Private List Serve Communications – Our private list serve communications can help you gain instant access to top construction industry experts. Ask questions and get meaningful answers within 24-36 hours. With over 250 active thought leaders, someone is here to help!
  • A Connection with Industry Leaders – The ability to network with others in your field could lead to other avenues of business opportunities. Plus, our Members Only section gives you access to services that go beyond core accounting services.
  • Educational Training – Our annual conference, regular conference calls, and monthly webinars can help you build your accounting and construction knowledge, as well as expand other areas of your business, like strategy, business development and marketing.
  • An Unparalleled Presence in Your Local Construction Community – Membership in CICPAC speaks volumes about the expertise of your firm; our promotion of your firm at national conferences will help you gain brand recognition inside and outside your local marketplace.
  • Territory-Exclusive Membership – Since our inception, we have offered territory-exclusive membership, which means that we only allow one member firm within each market.

The benefits of this Exclusivity include:

  • Expert status in your local marketplace
  • No competition among CICPAC members for local business
  • Extensive knowledge sharing from CPAs who aren’t competing with you
  • A closer-knit construction-focused community

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