Meet the Current Committee Members

Working alongside your peers across the nation is easy, fun and rewarding! CICPAC committees are designed to help network you and your firm’s construction professionals with our resources across the nation. There are many opportunities to jump into a project, lead a sub-committee or even lead a committee.


Facilitates and executes thought leadership among members and promotes to the construction industry.

  • Jackie DaenenDaenen Henderson (Alexandria, LA) – Chair
  • Jacob Kotalik, BerganKDV
  • Kati Denham, Berry Dunn
  • Chase Lister, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Scott Bechtel, GBQ Partners
  • Carlo Ferri, Kreischer Miller
  • Barry Fischman, Marcum LLP
  • Matt Neely, MCM
  • Cody Daniels, Mowery & Schoenfeld

Facilitates and executes thought leadership among members and promotes to the construction industry.

  • Carl Oliveri, Grassi & Co. (Long Island, NY) – Chair
  • Eric Goodman, Barnes Dennig
  • Bryan Eto, Beach Fleischman
  • Brian Coller, BerganKDV
  • Linda Roberts, BerryDunn
  • Erick Wegmann, Calvetti Ferguson
  • Rebecca Lyman, Cohn Reznick
  • Benjamin Sumner, Dannible & McKee
  • Bob Biehl, GBQ Partners
  • Fariba Mehdian, Gelman LLP
  • Steve Mannhaupt, Grassi & Co.
  • Matt Ferrell, HORNE LLP
  • Eric Scholtes, Iannuzzi Manetta
  • Claudia Wolter, KatzAbosch
  • Mark Guillaume, Kreischer Miller
  • Christina Chifici, LaPorte
  • Robert Mercado, Marcum LLP
  • Carlin Culbertson, Meaden & Moore
  • Marcia Veres-Sutton, Mosley Pfundt Glick & O’Brien
  • Josh Billiard, Plante Moran

Solicits new members (by geographic location), evaluates applicants, ensures bylaws are up-t0-date and approves new members to the association.

  • Brad GrossLane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC (Dallas, TX) – Chair

Oversees and executes conferences, webinars, conference calls and manages the member resource center (a member’s only online resource for sharing files).

  • Chris IannuzziIannuzzi Manetta (Troy, MI) – Chair
  • Joe Schneid, Aldrich Advisors
  • Mike Karlins, Calvetti Ferguson
  • Jackie Daenen, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Ken Gardiner, Dannible & McKee
  • Carl Oliveri, Grassi & Co.
  • Kent Thomas, KatzAbosch
  • Warren Hennagin, Marcum
  • Dave O’Brien, Mosley Pfundt Glick & O’Brien

Building lasting relationships is what we are about.

Join a committee today and grow your network nationally. Questions? Just ask!