Founded in 1989

Looking back to 1989, CICPAC exists because John Corcoran (Executive Director from 1989-2018) and a select group of firm leaders (Warren Hennagin, Tony Stagliano, Emilio Alvarez, to name a few) gathered together to discuss what it would mean to be “more” for CPAs who know Construction. It was the strength of these relationships that were the foundation of what CICPAC was built upon. It was this strong team of leaders who guided, directed and developed the future of the organization dedication to CPAs and Consultants who serve the construction industry, and have continued to lead it to what it has become today.

The organization began simply to share knowledge and resources between six firms who served construction industry clients. Since it’s inception, the organization has blossomed into a full-fledged, nation-wide community with over 75+ member firms, serving over 11,000 construction clients and their owners.

In the beginning, CICPAC was a marketing co-op for CPA firms, nothing more. Working with newsletter publisher Pencor, which later merged into PDI Global, the goal was to simply provide newsletters (aka educational materials) to CPA firms with a concentration in the construction industry so they could distribute to their clients.


The shift from a newsletter production partner to an association for construction-focused CPA firms happened! Member firms began to meet and share their extensive knowledge of the industry and develop ways to grow the association. While we still partner with PDI to offer newsletters, a service the majority of our members utilize, that is no longer our primary objective. We serve the needs of the construction companies in our client rosters and the service professionals in our community.


During this transitional year, our beloved founder, John Corcoran retired from the organization. John led CICPAC from 1990 until 2017 and will continue to work within the construction financial industry. John’s accolades are many, but innovative ideas such as creation of the NASBP CPA Advisory Board have led the way to great developments to come for the collaboration of organizations dedicated to serving the construction industry. In addition, John’s participation on the AICPA’s Construction and Real Estate Conference Committee shows another level of dedication to ensuring the industry advisors are recognized and educated on challenges, trends and innovations within this industry.

Kathleen Baldwin, CPA, CCIFP, a long-time member and veteran volunteer with the CICPAC organization, demonstrated her ability, desire and passion to build the association’s brand, its member’s reputations and enhance construction industry relationships and was named our new Executive Director. > Read More About Kathleen


We offer exclusive memberships with extensive networking opportunities, educational training and the opportunity to meet and greet other professionals serving the construction industry. Essentially, CICPAC is a resource that helps CPA firms gain (or maintain) a strong presence within their local communities so they can find success in their field, while expanding their knowledge and depth of the industry.

Past Presidents

2022-23 – Bryan Eto

2021-22 – Wes Winborne

2020-21 – Mike Karlins

2019-20 – Kent Thomas

2018-19 – Carl Oliveri

2017-18 – Jackie Daenen

2016-17 – Ken Gardiner

2015-16 – Chris Iannuzzi

2014-15 – Dan Donofrio

2013-14 – Bob Biehl

2012-13 – Kevin Branner

2011-12 – Scott Hursh

2010-11 – Denise Bendele

2009-10 – Joel Bobo

2008-09 – Denise Martin

2007-08 – Jim Main

2006-07 – Mike Mimovich

2005-06 – Pete Poore

2004-05 – Pete Poore

2003-04 – Bob Paz

2002-03 – Bob Paz

2001-02 – Tony Stagliano

2000-01 – Tony Stagliano

1999-2000 – Alex Paul

1998-99 – Alex Paul

1997-98 – Frank Iannuzzi

1996-97 – Frank Iannuzzi

1995-96 – Warren Hennagin

1994-95 – Nathan White

1993-94 – Bill Bounds

1992-93 – Phil Graff

1991-92 – Tony Stagliano

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