A look at 10 best practices contractors should be looking at to modernize and stay relevant in this new age of construction

Construction projects grow in magnitude and complexity every year, demanding more time, resources and creativity from contractors. The business of  construction used to rely on traditional building processes and tools—pen and paper, faxes, emails, spreadsheets—but these methods can no longer keep up with modern construction’s increasingly complex projects and demands for real-time data and workflows.

It took a while for construction management to come around, but now it’s widely accepted that the old ways of doing things just won’t work anymore. Veterans of the industry realize that a tech-focused approach is the only way to complete their projects on time and meet client expectations. This mentality shift has led contractors to:

  • Digitize documentation to cut needless paper out of the equation
  • Implement cloud technologies to instantly share data and streamline workflows
  • Implement modern reporting and data analytics tools for optimized decision-making
  • Use mobile applications to open access to data and improve workflows in the field
  • Add new technologies that automatically complete essential daily tasks, including payroll, HR, invoicing, data collection, and other processes that previously took multiple steps and people to complete