“In construction, you are continually trying to strike the right balance in so many areas — from crews and equipment, to bids, billings, and job costs. Because they are so important, you want to make those predictive calls based on the story being told by your data, without overly relying on gut feelings and rearview-mirror information, which has been the historical norm.” – Bruce Orr, CEO at ProNovos

Explore essential financial concepts and gain insights from industry experts in this eBook, covering job costing, project forecasting, change order management, revenue recognition, billings, and project-level cash flow.

Inside this eBook, you will discover:

  • Simplified Financial Wisdom: A breakdown of intricate financial concepts into easy-to-digest insights, empowering you to excel in a project’s financial management
  • Expert Insights: Hear from industry experts, including project managers, financial advisors and construction business owners
  • Financial Mastery: Build a solid foundation for cash flow management and profitability
    Advanced Strategies: Discover methodologies and tools to optimize profitability across projects