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Constructing a solid foundation for financial success requires more than intuition; it demands data-driven decisions backed by key performance indicators (KPls). In the complex realm of construction, CEOs and Presidents rely on these metrics to navigate strategic paths with precision. Our checklist serves as a compass, illuminating crucial KPls from fundamental financial ratios to intricate cash flow metrics like days sales outstanding. By leveraging this invaluable resource,  leaders can pinpoint areas for improvement, measure progress, and capitalize on strengths, ultimately steering their companies toward sustained growth and prosperity.

Understanding these metrics empowers construction executives, including Presidents, VPs, and Financial Managers, to make informed decisions that drive  success. By incorporating KPI tracking strategies into their arsenal, leaders can enhance their ability to monitor project performance effectively. Moreover, every  listed KPI in this checklist is accessible within ProNovos to facilitate streamlined analysis and maximize the utilization of critical financial data. Embracing this
educational approach to KPI monitoring equips construction professionals with the tools needed to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable growth in the industry.

eBook sections:

  • What are KPIs?
  • Why you need KPIs
  • Internal Benchmarking
  • KPIs to track