Our friends at Viewpoint recently released an ebook on “Going Paperless: The Digital Construction Organization.” The digital construction company includes a move to paperless that seamlessly connect the back office, the project team and the field crews. Here is a short excerpt and link to download the book:

Paperwork is more than just a headache, it’s also a liability. According to Construction Business Owner, 70 percent of businesses would fail in three weeks if they experienced a catastrophic loss of paperwork. It takes an average of 18 minutes for someone to locate a particular document, which can cut into efficiency, and the cost of paper per employee is $80 — even more reasons companies in all industries are trying to ditch paper.

In construction, each new project comes with a mountain of paperwork, including bid documents, payroll and subcontracts, making finding a specific piece of information time-consuming and complicated — not to mention the storage space required to maintain proper records.

To solve these problems, many contractors are digitizing processes and documentation as a way to speed access to information across office, team and field personnel. With 50 percent of project management teams still using manual processes, there’s much to be gained by adopting construction-specific technology to go paperless.

The ebook contains sections on:

  • the Benefits of Going Paperless,
  • What to Look for In Technology, and
  • How to go Paperless.