Marketing has perhaps never appeared more complicated, especially to those outside the trade. There’s SEM, SEO, inbound and content marketing, in addition to traditional direct marketing, brand advertising and public relations. Small businesses and firms want to get in front of the contractors who could benefit from their expertise, but getting any advantage can feel impossible without a completely new toolbox. And finding help can be a challenge. If you ask Google for guidance, you see part of the problem: thousands of results vying for your attention.

Contractors are flooded with content, emails, advertising and messaging all day, every day, just like you are. The real trick, then, isn’t marketing; it’s getting through the noise with something worth listening to, and with the expertise CPAs have, every firm is equipped to do this. In that light, marketing to contractors is simple for CPAs: Give your audience value. Then they’ll see your value.

Sections of the whitepaper include:

How to be Worth Hearing

  • Building their Audience
  • Creating their Content

What Contracts Want

  • Answer the Question
  • Be Engaging
  • Be Human

How they Want It

  • Congratulations, your’re a Media Company
  • Change the Channel
  • Nurturing their Trust
  • SEO, Email marketing and personal touch