Pulse - 2nd Qtr 2023 - Tax Focus

CICPAC members, To help us focus our conversation at this year's conference and to provide valuable feedback to our members, please take a few moments to answer these quick questions about your firm's construction practice. Once the survey closes, we will tally the results and send an email to all member firm professionals. If you have any questions, reach out to Kathleen Baldwin at kbaldwin@cicpac.com. Thank you in advance!

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Is your firm outsourcing their tax work to date?*
Have you found challenges in using remote US based employees or contractors for tax work?*
Does your firm do quality of earnings for construction related businesses?*
Do you have ongoing client concerns regarding Sec 174 R&D amortization?*
Have you changed your view/approach on R&D tax credits for contractor clients based on Sec 174 rules?*
Do you have concerns of clients being audited for ERC?*
Are mobile workforce topics/best practices an issue for your contractor clients?*
Does your firm have the capability to help contractor clients with industry specific hiring (PM, superintendents, etc.)?*
Does your firm integrate tax, estate and wealth management services in a formal manner?*
Are you worried about artificial intelligence impact on tax services?*
Are you doing anything to assist your clients with the energy incentives?*
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