Member and Associate Members

Memberships with CICPAC take on two forms:

  1. Member Firms – CPA firms dedicated to providing financial assistance to construction companies and their owners, and
  2. Associate Members – Professional service providers / non-CPA firms dedicated to serving the construction industry.

Our member firms and associate members represent a wealth of knowledge of the construction industry. A plethora of experts is accessible to you and your team in any marketplace across the nation. So, what are you waiting for? Connect to a member firm or associate member today to learn more about the benefits!

Total Member Firms

CICPAC Member Firm Benefits:

  • Access to our Private Collaborative Platform – Our collaborative gives instant access to top construction industry experts across the nation. Ask questions, get meaningful answers quickly!
  • Connect to Industry Leaders – The ability to network with others in your field could lead to other avenues of business opportunities.
  • Educational Training – Our annual conference, committee calls, and monthly webinars build your accounting and construction knowledge, as well as expand other areas of your business.
  • An Unparalleled Presence in Your Local Construction Community – Co-Branding resources are created for distribution in your marketplace and national advertising is placed on your behalf.
  • Geographic Exclusivity – Market your dedicated marketplace to be seen as the leading construction CPA firm in your area.
Associate Members

Become an Associate Member:

  • Referral from a Current Member Firm in Good Standing – Associate Members must be referred by a current CICPAC member.
  • Commitment to the Construction Industry – Interested professional service companies must prove dedication to the construction industry and the contractors they serve.
  • Recommendation Letter / References – One recommendation letter from a construction professional and two letters of reference from other construction business associates required.
  • Review Process – The membership committee reviews applications, checks references, and pre-screens all applicants.
  • Acceptance – The membership committee gathers additional information, if needed or informs you of your application status within 5 business days.

General and Associate Memberships are Available.

Reach out to our Executive Director for eligibility inquiries or membership questions.
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