About Becoming an Associate Member

Associate Members are professional service company professionals dedicated to serving the needs of clients in the construction industry (See our current members below). To become an associate member, applicants must:

  • Complete the Associate Membership Application
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a construction professional
  • Submit two references from other business associates

Upon receipt of the items above, a committee will review applications, check references and pre-screen applicants. Upon final review, the Executive Director will contact you to discuss if additional information is needed or to inform you of your application status.

It’s hard to imagine a better forum for exchanging information with the folks who help drive the financial health of our industry. As a technology provider it’s important for us to learn from these experts about the most pressing financial and accounting issues facing the contractors, and to share information with them about new technology tools and trends. CICPAC provides the perfect venue for both.

Wayne Newitts, Viewpoint

Without question, what I enjoy most about partnering with CICPAC is the opportunity to get to know members all across the nation, who have collectively helped thousands of construction clients. Every year, I get to connect with an old friend or meet a new one, and these are the best people to know in the industry.

Current Associate Members

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Strengthening CPA-Construction Professional relationships are key.

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