Member and Associate Members

Memberships with CICPAC take on two forms:

  1. Member Firms – CPA firms dedicated to providing financial assistance to construction companies and their owners, and
  2. Associate Members – Professional service providers / non-CPA firms dedicated to serving the construction industry.

Our member firms and associate members represent a wealth of knowledge of the construction industry. A plethora of experts is accessible to you and your team in any marketplace across the nation. So, what are you waiting for? Connect to a member firm or associate member today to learn more about the benefits!

Total Member Firms

CICPAC Member Firm Benefits:

  • Access to our Private Collaborative Platform – Our collaborative gives instant access to top construction industry experts across the nation. Ask questions, get meaningful answers quickly!
  • Connect to Industry Leaders – The ability to network with others in your field could lead to other avenues of business opportunities.
  • Educational Training – Our annual conference, committee calls, and monthly webinars build your accounting and construction knowledge, as well as expand other areas of your business.
  • An Unparalleled Presence in Your Local Construction Community – Co-Branding resources are created for distribution in your marketplace and national advertising is placed on your behalf.
  • Geographic Exclusivity – Market your dedicated marketplace to be seen as the leading construction CPA firm in your area.
Associate Members

Become an Associate Member:

  • Referral from a Current Member Firm in Good Standing – Associate Members must be referred by a current CICPAC member.
  • Commitment to the Construction Industry – Interested professional service companies must prove dedication to the construction industry and the contractors they serve.
  • Recommendation Letter / References – One recommendation letter from a construction professional and two letters of reference from other construction business associates required.
  • Review Process – The membership committee reviews applications, checks references, and pre-screens all applicants.
  • Acceptance – The membership committee gathers additional information, if needed or informs you of your application status within 5 business days.

Items of Interest

Our blog contains valuable information to help your company expand it’s knowledge of tax matters and financial issues facing the construction industry. We also share our member news, associate member news and special items of interest.


General and Associate Memberships are Available.

Reach out to our Executive Director for eligibility inquiries or membership questions.
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