What are the best methods for compliance and cost reduction of a mobile workforce?

The construction industry, by its very nature, depends on mobility and getting to where the projects are located. Costs related to mobility are unique and there are various methods of covering or reimbursing your workforce for those costs. This whitepaper provides the information you need to determine the best method to use for covering or reimbursing your workforce for these costs. Additionally, this whitepaper addresses the following items:

  • Recent tax changes related to the mobile workforce
  • Accountable vs. Non-Accountable Plans
  • Reimbursable Travel Expenses (types of work assignments)
  • Accountable Plan Methods
  • Company Provided Lodging
  • Other Working Condition Fringe Benefits
  • Helpful Tools to Assist with Compliance

2022 Update Committee

Many thanks to the committee members and CICPAC staff listed below for their hard work and efforts in compiling this information for CICPAC members and their construction clients.

  • Matt Neely, Chair, MCM, LLP
  • Chase Lister, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Gretchen Ockman, LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors

2020 Initial Release Committee

  • Jackie Daenen, Chair, Daenen Henderson & Co.
  • Miranda Aavatsmark, Blue & Co., LLC
  • Cody Daniels, Mowery & Schoenfeld, LLC
  • Carlo Ferri, Kreischer Miller
  • Kyle Kmiec, Calvetti Ferguson
  • Jacob Kotalik, BerganKDV
  • Chase Lister, LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors
  • Matt Neely, MCM, LLP

Download our whitepaper to gain insight to some of the best methods for compliance and cost reduction of a mobile workforce. As always, reach out to a CICPAC member near you for further guidance.