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Referral Sources

Sureties, bonding agents, insurance professionals, attorneys, bankers, and other professional service providers who are focused on doing what’s best for the construction companies in their marketplace, welcome! We work diligently to build relationships with you to ensure you are educated on the latest financial, tax and advisory matters that affect the industry.

With over 1,200+ CPAs and counting, CICPAC is excited to be your one-stop resource for engaging information about the construction industry. We are the CPAs who know Construction!

Associate Members Speak Out

Invaluable Expertise and Guidance

“We are proud to call CICPAC a trusted partner. These professionals truly are the CPAs who know construction. They provide invaluable expertise and guidance when it comes to financial and tax matters for contractors, and stay on the cutting edge of the state of the financial health in the industry. They are an indispensable resource for financial professionals in construction.”

No Question About Who to Call

“A vital part of our underwriting process is the accuracy and overall quality of the CPA financial statements that are presented for each client. Our underwriters know that CICPAC member firms have the highest level of knowledge and expertise in construction industry accounting; leaving us no question about who to call.”

Most Valued and Long-Standing Relationships

“Our partnership with CICPAC and its members has led to some of our most valued and longest-standing relationships in the industry. The annual conference is a great opportunity for us to connect with the CPAs our clients rely on and thank them for supporting our users year-round with their expertise.”

Drive the Financial Health of our Industry

“It’s hard to imagine a better forum for exchanging information with the folks who help drive the financial health of our industry. As a technology provider it’s important for us to learn from these experts about the most pressing financial and accounting issues facing the contractors, and to share information with them about new technology tools and trends. CICPAC provides the perfect venue for both.”

Wayne Newitts, Viewpoint

Member Firm Spotlight

A message from Louis C. Grassi, CPA, CFE
Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner
CICPAC Member since 1997

This member firm spotlight is Grassi Advisors & Accountants. As the 64th largest accounting firm in the nation, Grassi is a leading provider of advisory, tax and accounting services to businesses and individuals.

Grassi’s Construction practice, ranked the 11th largest in the U.S. by Construction Executive, provides industry-specific consulting, audit, tax, and technology services to contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers. The firm also serves other key market sectors, including real estate, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, financial services, not-for-profit, cannabis and more. With offices in New York, Jericho, Ronkonkoma and White Plains, NY; Park Ridge, NJ; Needham, MA; and Palm Beach, FL, the firm has the depth of knowledge and experience to work effectively alongside clients across the New York metro area and throughout the United States, as well as internationally through its membership in Moore Global.

Visit www.grassicpas.com for more information.

Why do Referrals Choose CICPAC Firms?

  • CICPAC Members are Experts in Construction Accounting: Surety underwriters do not have to be concerned if the statement(s) they are presenting are correct.

  • CICPAC Keeps Associate Members Informed: Information about the new accounting pronouncements that will affect construction companies is researched and presented to member firms, so underwriters can be assured the statements meet ALL current requirements.

  • CICPAC Members are Committed and Engaged: Member firm representatives are engaged actively through their local surety associations, so they are fully dedicated and educated on the state of the surety industry.

  • CICPAC Members are Educated: Constant education is taking place to ensure our members are educated on the presentation and disclosures surety underwriters expect and need in financial statements.

  • CICPAC Members Share Knowledge: Member firms provide education to surety industry professionals to keep them abreast of the latest changes in construction accounting.

Construction Industry Resources

CICPAC members are dedicated to bringing the latest resources to our construction industry friends. Check out our published resources below by clicking on the image, by visiting our Construction Industry Resources page for a detailed description of each publication, and/or locate your local member firm for further guidance.

Revenue Recognition Resources

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